Terre Frumentarie


Basic thougth was to use seeds which are highly heterogeneous with a higher capacity to adapt to the specific pedoclimatic conditions.

Argiano SRL Società Agricola (1)


Aim was to create favourable conditions for the living organisms of the soil as a  way to create a buffer effect against biotic and abiotic stresses.

La Biñuñela


The aim of this measure was to minimise the impact of heat stress on the animals.

El Capricho


Main objective was to improve the nutritional aspect by adding organic matter.

Peter Bloching


Aim was: improving the water storage by strengthening of humus through reduced erosion.

Farma Blatnička


The area suffered from water and wind erosion, also caused by strong drying winds.

Statek Novotinky


The approach is led by willingness to try new techniques and good experience from abroad.

Charalambos Charalambous

By incorporating leguminous plants fixing nitrogen into the soil, the soil benefits in the next years.