Water Drain Block

As fields well equipped with drains were drying too quickly and as soon the weather became warm and dry, the solution was irrigating with a better system.

Underground Supply Pipes

Heavy workload and damages on field led to thoughts about underground pipes for effective water supply.

Controlled Drainage


To keep water levels manageable, improving water management and reducing drought risks controlled drainage can be very good tool.



Regulation of water levels is key for successee of farming in this region.

Rik Delameilleure


The purified wastewater from the Ardo factory in Ardooie is stored in a 150.000 m³ litres large basin. Then, a 23 km long irrigation network distributes the water towards the surrounding fields. Farmers can connect their irrigation reel on one of the 150 branching points and start immediately with the irrigation of their crops.

de l’Escaille (2)

Closing drainage ditches between plots in order to maintain high water levels.



Controlled drainage is the practice of using a water control structure to raise the depth of the drainage outlet, holding water in the field during periods when drainage is not needed. Unlike conventional free-draining systems that remove excess soil water to the drain depth, controlled drainage increases water retention and storage within the soil profile.



A weir is a small construction in a ditch or stream that enables the landowner to regulate the water level and to allow the water to infiltrate in the soil.