Soc. Agr. La Fagiana

Aim of this measure was to cultivate crop rice in marginal fields, even without water.



The main objective was to optimise water consumption adapted to the needs of the crop.



Aim of the measure was to automatically manage the alternative start-stop of both supply points, the change of sectors, self-cleaning filtering, and fertigation.

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The main objective is to make water available in areas where it can be used by roots, as well as to reduce evapotranspiration.

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Aim of this measure was to improve and stabilize potato crop, with a stable quality and quantity.

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As there was not enough water in the well for the garden, refiltered wetland wastewater is in use.

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The use of wastewater reduced the dependance of irrigation from supply via tankers from the canals or the local reservoir.

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Heavy workload and damages on field led to thoughts about underground pipes for effective water supply.