Reed Bed


As there was not enough water in the well for the garden, refiltered wetland wastewater is in use.

Wetlands And Pools


The measures aims were to retain water in the agricultural landscape and provide habitat for native animal species.

Spolek Mokřady z. s.


Between 2017-2018, the piped stream was returned to the surface into a new “close-to-nature” stream bed. Additionally, various pools were excavated on the site and natural ponds with low fish stocking supporting aquatic plant growth were repaired. The grounded parts of the bay of the larger pond have been revitalised and a wintering area for […]

Farma Blatnička


The uniform monocultural landscape was divided into land blocks smaller than 10 hectares. The area is now characterised by a varied mix of farming methods – arable land, undemanding landscape orchards, pear tree alleys with shrubs, grassed strips with various plant species, meadows and fallow fields. There are also organic production orchards in part of […]

Spolek Hvozd


All water used in the house is refiltered in the wetland wastewater treatment (reed bed) and then collected into a water reservoir of 13 m3 located below. This reservoir is an eco-biotope full of natural life with wetland plants and animals. These water supplies help to irrigate the garden and fruit orchard below the pool […]