Humus Build-Up


Dikes, drainages and pumping systems are solid and well-known techniques in work for centuries.

Irrigation Of Potatoes


Aim of this measure was to improve and stabilize potato crop, with a stable quality and quantity.

Regenerative Farming


Increasingly better water holding capacity and increasing humus was the aim of these measures.



Aim was: improving the water storage by strengthening of humus through reduced erosion.

Underground Drip Irrigation On All Hop Fields

Aiming on excellent quality and plant health and at the same time reaching efficient use of water and resources does not need to be contradicting. It is possible to create win-win-situations in hop-cultivations.

Markus Mushardt


As the farm is close to the North Sea and on a level around 0 to 5m sea level the management of water is critical. Protected by dikes against flooding the water needs to be managed properly. Drainages on the farmland are essential technical supports to be able to farm the land. In this way, […]

Oetker GbR


Irrigation is performed with two irrigation drums with sprinklers. Water is distributed via underground pipes with hydrants mounted every 80m, matching the tramline spacing (27m), so that every third tramline can be irrigated. Water is distributed via electric pumps that can be controlled by a cell phone.

Innovative Landwirtschaft Reber


Keeping soils covered with vegetation all year round, reducing tillage to a minimum, growing mixed crops instead of pure crops with as few chemical pesticides and mineral fertilizers as possible.

Peter Bloching


Agroforestry elements relevant to nature conservation can play an important role. In addition to potential timber and fruit production, they provide environmental services in terms of biodiversity and soil and water protection. This has had and continues to have profound effects on the landscape, but also on biodiversity in the respective regions. And above all […]

Stefan Stanglmair

Only about 18% of the German hop acreage is irrigated (exclusively drip irrigation). A subsidy program in Germany provided strong support for the installation of irrigation systems in hop-growing farms between 2008 and 2010 (over 3000 ha of hop acreage subsidized, with a subsidy of € 2000/ha). The solution implemented in the farm consists in […]