I.M. Ioannou Farm

Heavy soil that tends to hold a lot of moisture needs to be drained, in order to increase the productivity of the crop.

Terre Frumentarie


Landraces (old varieties) have good levels of heterogeneity and are potentially better adapted to pedoclimatic conditions compared to modern varieties, which are standardized and selected to perform very well in optimal conditions. Evolutionary populations have a very high level of heterogeneity as they are created breeding a lot of different varieties; over the years, they […]

Argiano SRL Società Agricola (2)


To apply kaolin in June and July, before hot periods, and zeolite before grape harvest. The kaolin, white coloured, reflects sun rays and keep the leaves colder. Additionally, it absorbs humidity and protects the leaves from insects. It also decreases the evapotranspiration of the leaves. Instead, zeolite is used for its property of absorbing humidity. […]

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The main operations to manage the soil vary according to the year and to the season. In October, after the harvest, a deep plough and the seeding of green manure crops are performed, before the autumn rains. In November, the permanent grass strips are ploughed with a cultivator to increase soil water retention before winter […]

Farma Blatnička


The uniform monocultural landscape was divided into land blocks smaller than 10 hectares. The area is now characterised by a varied mix of farming methods – arable land, undemanding landscape orchards, pear tree alleys with shrubs, grassed strips with various plant species, meadows and fallow fields. There are also organic production orchards in part of […]

Innovative Landwirtschaft Reber


Keeping soils covered with vegetation all year round, reducing tillage to a minimum, growing mixed crops instead of pure crops with as few chemical pesticides and mineral fertilizers as possible.

Peter Bloching


The Alpine foothills, which include Upper Swabia and the Württemberg Allgäu, are a flat hilly landscape. The strong imprint of glacial processes is reflected in numerous typical landscape forms such as moraines, lakes and moors. Baden-Württemberg lies in a transitional area between the maritime climate in the west and the continental climate in the east. […]