Aim was to secure emergency water supply in case when the irrigation consortium is not supplying water due to scarcity conditions.

El Brujuelo


The aim was to have available water enough to convert the management system from rainfed to irrigated.

Helena Elvira Lendinez


Objective was to collect rainwater, accumulating it where it could be useful for the plant.

Markus Mushardt


Dikes, drainages and pumping systems are solid and well-known techniques in work for centuries.

Spolek Mokřady z. s.


As the ponds were in poor technical and biological condition, measures for improvement had to be taken.

Farma U Hrušků


The measures aims were to retain water in the agricultural landscape and provide habitat for native animal species.

Ofčí statek Brníčko


With swales it is possible to retain the water during heavy rainfall, its infiltration into the soil and reduction of the runoff from the site.

George Tafounas


To ensure healthy animal feed with a low cost, the cultivation of cereal sprouts is an environmentally and economically friendly practice.

de l’Escaille (2)

As fields well equipped with drains were drying too quickly and as soon the weather became warm and dry, the solution was irrigating with a better system.