Supplemental Irrigation Ponds


Aim was to secure emergency water supply in case when the irrigation consortium is not supplying water due to scarcity conditions.

Use Of Natural Adjuvants


Aim was to protect leaves and grapes from sunburns and from high humidity, in order to guarantee high-quality grapes.

Improved Soil Management


Aim was to create favourable conditions for the living organisms of the soil as a  way to create a buffer effect against biotic and abiotic stresses.

Soc. Agr. GMM di Illuminati

The utilization of tools installed in the field to reduce the use of water. In particular, one meteo station and 5 “Diviner” are used. “Diviner” is a tool which permit, through a computer linked to the sensors in the soil, to measure the soil moisture. The decision to irrigate is based on data obtained from […]



Storage reservoirs filled with groundwater. Wells are in an alluvial riparian aquifer with around 20 m of maximum depth. The reservoirs are at around 80 m and 150 m over the riverbed (river Acri). Water is always present in the aquifer, but pumping rates should be moderate Drip irrigation with double dripline.